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Types vibrating, belt, apron, push
Drive electric or hydraulic
Type of fed material construction waste, soil, coal, sand, gravel, aggregate
Width  500 - 1 200 mm
Length 1 000 - 6 000 mm
Output 50 - 400 t/h



  • wide choice of types and designs
  • custom made feeders

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Clankovy podavac pod primarni nasypkou_03.JPG
clankovy podavac rendr 2020.JPG
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pasovy podavac rendr 2020.JPG
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vibracni podavac rendr 2020.JPG
Vibracni podavac davkovaci.jpg
Vibracni podavac pod primarni nasypkou.jpg
Vibracni podavac pod primarni nasypkou_03.JPG
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zlabovy podavac rendr 2020.JPG