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Drive electric 3x400 V
Type of processed material granite
Input 0-800 mm
Produced fraction 0-5 mm, 5-20 mm, 20-40 mm, 40-70 mm
Output 300 t/h
Method of loading truck, damper


  • processing of bulky aggregate
  • low operation costs
  • automatic operation
  • high quality of produced fractions
  • high operation efficiency

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The line is designed for two-step crushing. Two cone crushers with a different geometry of crushing space in the second step produce high quality of outlet fractions. The final fraction are screened on two serially ordered screeners.

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Kuzelove drtice 2.JPG
Kuzelove drtice 3.JPG
Kuzelove drtice 4.JPG
Kuzelove drtice.JPG
Linka Ural2_primar2.JPG
Linka Ural2-1.JPG
Linka Ural2-2.JPG
Linka Ural2-3.JPG
Linka Ural2-4.JPG
Linka Ural2-5.JPG
Pohled na linku od nasypky.JPG
Primar_shora 2.JPG
Tridic-finalni frakce 2.JPG
Tridic-finalni frakce.JPG