Pracka RHT_2



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Drive electric, separate generator
Type of washed material gravel, natural aggregate
Input 4-80 mm
Outlet washed aggregate without soil and clay
Output 40-250 t/h


  • high washing efficiency
  • synchronized rotor running
  • low water consumption
  • long lifetime of blades
  • inexpensive operation
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Optional equipment
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Pracka RHT_2.jpgPracka RHT-hridele s lopatkami v koryte pracky.JPGPracka RHT-pohon a hridele s lopatkami.JPGPracka RHT-pohon_1.jpgPracka RHT.JPGPracka RHT-pohon_2.jpgPracka RHT-pohon_3.JPGPracka RHT-v lince s hydrocykloem.jpg
Pracka RHT_2.jpg
Pracka RHT-hridele s lopatkami v koryte pracky.JPG
Pracka RHT-pohon a hridele s lopatkami.JPG
Pracka RHT-pohon_1.jpg
Pracka RHT.JPG
Pracka RHT-pohon_2.jpg
Pracka RHT-pohon_3.JPG
Pracka RHT-v lince s hydrocykloem.jpg