RESTA CH2G 900x600




Crusher single-toggle jaw DCJ 900x600
Drive Diesel genset CAT
Type of crushed material construction waste, coal, slag up to 250 MPa, natural aggregate over 250 MPa
Input max. kusy 800 x 600 x 500 mm
Outlet min. gap 40 mm - fraction cca 0 - 70 mm, max. gap 140 mm - fraction cca 0 - 250 mm
Output 70 - 170 t/h (according to gap setting and type of material)
Weight 30 t


  • separately excited scalper in front of the crusher
  • perfectly scalped material coming into the crusher
  • possibility to select the orientation of product conveyor (standard or recycling design)
  • material loads into the hopper from three sides
  • possibility of power supply from the main 3x400 V, 50 Hz
  • option for electrical connection to a screener
  • low fuel consumption

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Optional equipment

  • dust suppression
  • conveyor belt of pre-screening
  • magnetic separator
  • iron bender (recycling design)
  • electronic belt scales
  • remote data transmission
  • folding roof for operators
  • network switch
  • automatic regulation of material loading into the crusher
  • crusher with hydraulic gap setting and overload protection
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CH2G_1 mining  a 2 recycling_2.jpgCH2G_1_recyklace_2.jpgCH2G_1 mining  a 2 recycling.jpgCH2G_1 mining.jpgCH2G_1 mining 3.jpgCH2G_1 mining_2.jpgCH2G_1_recyklace_1.jpgCH2G_1_recyklace_zavazeni nakladacem.jpgCH2G_1_recyklace_zavazeni nakladacem_2.jpgCH2G_1_transport.jpgCH2G_2 recycling.jpgCH2G_2 recycling pas_prod.jpgCH2G_2 recycling_hydraulika.jpgCH2G_2 recycling_hydraulika pojezdu.jpgCH2G_2 recycling_hydraulika staveni drtice.jpgCH2G_2 recycling_magnet.jpgCH2G.jpgCH2G_2 recycling_ochoz kolem drtice s pohonem.jpgCH2G_2 recycling_pod_predtr.jpgCH2G_2 recycling_podavac s aktivnim predtridenim.jpgCH2G_2 recycling_vperna deska hydr_dritce.jpgCH2G-01 render 1.JPGCH2G-01_rez_render.JPG
CH2G_1 mining  a 2 recycling_2.jpg
CH2G_1 mining  a 2 recycling.jpg
CH2G_1 mining.jpg
CH2G_1 mining 3.jpg
CH2G_1 mining_2.jpg
CH2G_1_recyklace_zavazeni nakladacem.jpg
CH2G_1_recyklace_zavazeni nakladacem_2.jpg
CH2G_2 recycling.jpg
CH2G_2 recycling pas_prod.jpg
CH2G_2 recycling_hydraulika.jpg
CH2G_2 recycling_hydraulika pojezdu.jpg
CH2G_2 recycling_hydraulika staveni drtice.jpg
CH2G_2 recycling_magnet.jpg
CH2G_2 recycling_ochoz kolem drtice s pohonem.jpg
CH2G_2 recycling_pod_predtr.jpg
CH2G_2 recycling_podavac s aktivnim predtridenim.jpg
CH2G_2 recycling_vperna deska hydr_dritce.jpg
CH2G-01 render 1.JPG