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RESTA CH3 1100x750


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Crusher single-toggle jaw DCJ 1100x750
Drive Diesel genset CAT, 275 kVA
Type of crushed material construction waste, oal, slag up to 250 MPa, natural aggregate and materials over 250 MPa
Input max. piece 900 x 700 x 600 mm
Outlet min. gap 70 mm - fraction 0 - 110 mm, max. gap 170 mm - fraction cca 0 - 250 mm
Output 90 - 250 t/h (according to gap setting and type of material)
Weight 45 t


  • loading of material from three sides
  • 3 stable spraying spots
  • high perfo
  • low fuel consumption
  • robust structure
  • easy operation

 Leaflet to download


Optional equipment

  • electronic belt scales
  • electronic belt scales
  • remote data transmission
  • network switch
  • lighting
  • dust suppression
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CH3 a KH3 Veselicko 2.JPG
CH3 a KH3 Veselicko s nakladacem.JPG
CH3 a KH3 Veselicko.JPG
CH3-pripravena pro transport.jpg
CH3-v lomu 2.jpg
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