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RESTA OH3GS 1050x1000


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Crusher horizontal impact OD 1050x1000
Drive Diesel genset CAT, 275 kVA
Type of crushed material construction waste, bituminous blocks, coal, slag up to 250 MPa, natural aggregate up to 250 MPa
Input max. 800 mm, aggregate max. 400 mm
Outlet min. 0 - 32 mm, max. 0 - 80 mm (according to gap setting, cubic grain)
Output 80 - 200 t/h (according to setting of anvils towards rotor)
Screener T 12000 x 3000 (1 - 2 decks) (according to specification)
Weight 39 t (44-45 t) according to specification


  • excellent shape index
  • easy replacement of crushing elements
  • option to use ceramic bars for long lifetime
  • output feeder is rectractable for easy maintenance and service
  • one-deck or two-deck container suspended screener can be combined
  • setting of return belt (hopper / stacking)

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Optional equipment

  • magnetic separator
  • conveyor belt of pre-screening
  • electronic belt scales
  • remote data transmission
  • dust suppression
  • roof for operators
  • lighting
  • generator / mains switch
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