TH2-hlavní foto

RESTA TH2 1600x4000


TH2 rendr1 2020_web.JPG


Screener vibrating two-deck, dimension 1600x4000 mm
Drive Diesel genset CAT, electric
Type of screened material construction waste, soil, bituminous blocks, coal, sand, gravel, natural aggregate
Input max. 900 mm
Outlet 3 fractions (according to used screen mesh) + oversize fraction
Output 150 - 270 t/h (according to used screen mesh and type of material)
Weight 26 t


  • great discharge height of conveyor belts
  • fluent regulation of screener frequency
  • high performance
  • option to select screener inclination from 18° to 22°
  • low operating costs

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Optional equipment

  • electronic belt scales
  • electronic belt scales
  • remote data transmission
  • network switch
  • lighting
  • dust suppression
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