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RESTA VH1 2100


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Crusher vertical impact MI 2100,  Mag'impact® produced by Magotteaux
Drive Diesel genset CAT, electric
Type of crushed material coal, natural aggregate up to 250 MPa
Input 0 - 100 mm
Outlet 0 - 40 mm (according to type of aggregate and peripheral speed)
Output 90 - 150 t/h (according to type of natural aggregate and peripheral speed)
Weight 32 t


  • option to change the output material sieve analysis by change of crusher speed
  • excellent spatiality independent of unit output and the structure of the input material
  • flexible setting thanks to a wide range of crushing components
  • high degree of shape value
  • easy and rapid exchange of crushing elements

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Optional equipment

  • network switch
  • electronic belt scales
  • remote data transmission
  • dust suppression
  • lighting
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